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UTIITSL e-Governance Projects

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The information resources generated in Government sectors are invaluable assets. This information has to be readily located, analyzed, and exchanged between government and citizens and between government agencies ensuring privacy and security obligations. Some of the projects handled by UTIITSL are as under :
  Ministry of Company Affairs - MCA- 21 Project
    MCA21 Project is a mission mode e-Governance Project, which has revolutionised the way citizens interact with the Government. This Rs. 345 Crore project under the National eGovernance Action Plan has been implemented by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India using the Project Management Services of UTIITSL. Click here for more details
  "Reinventing EPF, India" of Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)
    Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has launched a comprehensive reforms initiative to reinvent and reposition itself as a world class organization offering world class services under the "Re-inventing EPF, India" project, involving interalia the re-engineering of business process, re-design and re-tooling of accounting systems and procedures, development of appropriate application software and implementation. The significant milestone under this project is the allotment of a unique national Social Security Number (NSSN) for the members of EPFO. Click here for more details
  Income Tax PAN Card Project
    UTIITSL has issued more than 2 crores PAN cards till date since its operations of issuance PAN cards from 2003. UTIITSL is transpiring itself for handling biometric cards. Click here for more details
  EPIC Card Project of Chennai
    UTIITSL Importing and converting the data provided by the election commission from Tamil to English. UTIITSL is also enabling online preparation of the cards
  Debit / Credit / ATM / Cards
    UTIITSL is now planning to setup credit / debit / ATM card facility center for banks of public sector. This facility center will provide right from printing of cards to personalization and then distribution of cards.